Workshop Training

All workshops are highly customizable, but the standard length is three days. Prior to each workshop, an in-depth assessment of each participant is conducted and their English skills are evaluated. Upon completion of each workshop, reports on each participant’s progress, strengths and weaknesses are provided.


Business Presentations Workshop

Key Features:
  • Powerful openings and closings
  • Involving the audience
  • Body language and eye contact
  • Handling questions/dealing with nerves
  • Peer assessment


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Business Writing Workshop

Key Features:
  • Analysis of trainees’ writing
  • Email etiquette
  • The functional format pyramid
  • The 4-s formula
  • Effective report writing


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Meetings and Negotiations Workshop

Key Features:
  • Asking for and expressing thoughts and ideas
  • Making, accepting and rejecting proposals and counter proposals
  • Explaining possibilities and impossibilities
  • Setting and agreeing on conditions
  • Successfully concluding a meeting/negotiation


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Teleconferencing Workshop

Key Features:
  • Dummy teleconferences
  • Techniques to overcome problems with understanding
  • Specific teleconferencing language
  • Various accents (audio recordings of native, non-native speakers of English)
  • Exercises for comprehension-checking and interrupting one another


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Technical Writing Workshop

Key Features:
  • Writing clear instructions
  • Writing technical descriptions
  • Writing technical specifications
  • Writing reports
  • Editing for clarity


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