Our coaching sessions are designed to help learners in very specific areas. Coaching is designed to build up the learners’ confidence by developing their strengths and eliminating their weaknesses.

Coaching sessions are suitable for learners who are

  • preparing for a trip abroad
  • getting ready for a big presentation
  • taking on a new job requiring specific skills

We provide coaching sessions in the following areas:

Accent Reduction – Pronunciation Issues

  • intonation practice
  • guidelines on stressing the right words
  • pronunciation tips
  • unvoiced and voiced consonant sounds
  • linking syllables and words


  • voicing opinions
  • agreeing and disagreeing
  • speaking your mind
  • asking for things
  • refusing politely

Informative Presentations

  • structuring a presentation
  • guiding the audience through your presentation
  • the use of visual aids
  • presenting graphs and charts
  • summarizing and concluding

Persuasive Presentations

  • opening and closing appropriately
  • focusing on the audience
  • involving the audience
  • getting the audience to see your point
  • dealing with tough questions


  • offers and counter offers
  • accepting and rejecting offers
  • setting conditions
  • agreeing and disagreeing
  • explaining what’s possible

Email Writing

  • Thai emails vs. western-style emails
  • giving news
  • justifying actions
  • making recommendations
  • formality and style